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But still, it’s very sweet that guys will go such lengths to do things for the girls they like. But sometimes it’s the guys that are more into stuff like this.I once forgot one of these many celebrations previously-unknown-to-me, and all I can say is that that day didn’t end well.This is just my personal experience, please read it with a light heart.In comparison to guys I’ve dated from other culture, Korean guys are great at keeping in touch, constantly.However, we like to keep physical affection in private. I would slip my hand in the butt pocket of my wife’s jeans when I dated her. It seems like Korean guys are in demand because many of my single girlfriends have been telling me how much they’d like to learn Korean just to date Korean boys. Quite understandable considering how men are portrayed in all these Korean MVs, dramas, and movies.After all, everyone knows I’m with you.*Sooni/Lisa gives Korean Boy the “Look”**Korean Boy gulps and wears the jeans.*Korean Boy (in a higher octave voice): OK sweetie, let’s head out. Other Stuff about Korean Boys…OK, I’m being sarcastic about Korean boys with all that’s said above.

One thing that Korean guys seem to enjoy doing is refer to themselves as “Oppa.” For instance, instead of saying “I’ll buy you dinner/I’ll do that for you,” they will say “Oppa will buy you dinner/ Oppa will do that for you.” Seriously, when a guy that I’m not too interested does this, every bit of hair on my body stands up.

This made it hard for me to adapt to ABC guys that were texting 2,3 messages per day or every two three days because Korean guys will text you every day. It’s not that they’re more/less into you; I think it’s a norm.

You get freaking spoiled (sometimes annoyed) by how much they will contact you, but this means anxiety triples when they become MIA.

Good thing that comes with this phenomenon is that Korean guys in general are very responsible and almost trained to take care of girls in all ways possible.

– When walking on the sidewalk, they always make sure they are on the outer lane closer to the cars – They will take off their coat for you in cold weather – They arrive ten minutes early to dates and don’t mind waiting few minutes (I think some expect girls to be late).

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