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There are far more of these recruitment agencies around than job websites as described above so it’s impossible to list them all with always new ones appearing and existing ones disappearing.

Some of the most important ones to date are: I recommend you to only go for these recruitment agencies if you can’t find a job by yourself as they all charge some fees.

For example, the Membership Directory of the German Chamber of Commerce can be found here. I started off with 4-5 months internships that I found just by googling around for a while as it’s easier to find paid or unpaid internships than regular jobs.

Like this I could manage not just finding paid internships fairly easy but also got job offers at the companies (Online Marketing and Business Advising) by the end of my internships.

As I took up my first job in Thailand I just went with my high school diploma to the German embassy, they translated and authorized it for 150 baht and this was enough for the officers at the labor department in order to process my work permit. More on that and the issues about it you can find here.

Now here are the different ways to find job offers and to apply for jobs in Thailand: The following are the most important job websites in Thailand, ordered by number of job posts and popularity.

The biggest such Thailand groups for foreigners are: If you are in Thailand while looking for a job there is a great chance of getting in touch with other expats working, looking for work, looking for employees or just making connections at the various and at different places hosted networking events.Some people even go as far as claiming BKK to be a true networking paradise.The events are usually held in Bangkok but as the economy catches up in other parts of the country increasingly also in Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai.Note that most people looking for work in Thailand are using these websites and that you should only apply for the positions you meet the requirements and have the necessary experience.The good thing is there are new job offers coming out on a daily basis so you can always go online from at home and just check what’s new.

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