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Mr Frazier is the latest high-profile CEO to step down from one of the President's councils.Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger and Mr Musk both stepped down from the Strategic and Policy Forum in June, after Mr Trump announced he would withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement.His texts challenge all of us - as citizens, writers, readers, professionals, family members, companions - to preserve those essential spaces in our lives that are constantly in danger of disappearing: the marginal places where we can try out odd ideas; the salmon streams and mountain trails and rivulets; the easy-to-wander-into, anything-goes sort of places where we can still fish, hunt, drive tanks, ride dirt bikes, fly kites and model airplanes, snatch plastic bags out of trees, play in the snow, write poetry - in Mr.Frazier's words "sit and drink wine and watch the sunset." Sandy couldn't have known that he was referring to this space, the Kelly Writers House Arts CafÈ at this moment - tonight.At the heart of Frazier's writing is a willingness to engage with other people, to experience and accept them as they are.While his work inevitably outlines familial and cultural differences in society, it is always bound by Frazier's strong sense of commonality. " At that moment, Sandy was raising the stakes for me.It is with great admiration that I introduce to you now, Mr. The CEO of a major American pharmaceutical company has resigned from Donald Trump's manufacturing council in response to the Presidents' failure to address "hatred, bigotry and group supremacy" stemming from a white supremacist rally.

Mr Frazier did not mention Mr Trump specifically in his statement, in which he spoke broadly of "American leaders".

He shows us what Crazy Horse and Su Anne Big Crow showed him: that with our bodies, our attentiveness and our courage we can stake out a place to stand. Sandy demonstrates how a gesture as simple as taking a walk to a nearby empty acre or as involved as trekking the Great Plains can give us joy so rare as to feel endangered.

At the beginning of this year, before I ever read a word of Sandy Frazier's writing, I began an independent study project that has since become a collection of personal essays - about my family, my anxieties, my future.

Everything about this frightened me from the start: I had never written about myself before; I had never confronted myself in an honest way; I wouldn't have the language to say what needed to be said.

Sandy gave me the language to accommodate the impulses and tensions I'd been agonizing over. This is the moment in my life when I need Sandy Frazier's gentleness, humor, intellect and humanity. I am endlessly grateful to have read Sandy's work, and am thrilled that he is here with us tonight.

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