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NEEDY GERMAN MALE: Usually in his mid-to-late twenties, the needy German male has generally just been dumped by his first girlfriend with whom he had been together since he hit puberty. Then he realizes the solution: He needs a replacement girlfriend. Habitat: Needy German male is probably still studying and light years away from getting a proper job (Germans can stretch their university degree courses over a decade).

You’re likely therefore, to catch a glimpse of him and his geeky Internet-addicted mates at higher education establishments, grubby clubs and student canteens.

320, was charged with sexual cyber harassment, according to an arrest report by the Gainesville Police Department.

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Police served a warrant on Facebook and traced the account to Jackson.

Distinguishing marks: On paper, the little “von” or “zu” -- or even more absurdly, both -- tagged onto his last name is a dead giveaway you’ve met a man of Teutonic Sang Real.

Aristo German Male style almost always includes a Thomas Pink shirt, designer jeans and tweed jacket.

You will also have to give up chips, full-fat dairy products and red meat for as long as you go out with Sporty German Male.

If you really want to go out with one: Lose weight and get used to Saturday nights drinking orange juice. Has a facial expression not dissimilar to a spaniel that has been beaten up one too many times.

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