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Home purchases will fall even further than before because of the extreme hike in travel expenses required for families to move. The EU will comply due to their dependency on Russian energy.

11) Russia will threaten to limit or cut off all natural gas exports to the EU if they attempt to join with the U. 12) Russia will position naval forces in the Mediterranean to place pressure on the U. I feel the possibility of Russia initiating direct confrontation with the U. is limited, mainly because countries like Russia and China do not need to engage the U. through force of arms in order to strike a painful blow.

10) Travel will become difficult if not impossible with high gasoline costs.

What little of our economy was still thriving on vacation dollars will end.

The homeless themselves will be treated like criminals.

The roaming bands of jobless drifters common during the Great Depression will not exist during a modern crisis. may see a string of attacks, including cyber attacks on infrastructure.

The domain of the TSA will be expanded onto highways and city streets. The web will likely still operate, but only as a shell of its former greatness.

17) Terrorist attacks (false flag or otherwise) will spread like wildfire. The White House will begin broad institution of authoritarian powers, including continuity of government executive orders, the Patriot Act, the NDAA, etc.The Neo-Conservatives will place all blame on Barack Obama. A couple of 100 watt panels, an inverter, a charge controller, and two-four deep cycle batteries can be had for under 00.Neo-Liberals will blame conservatives as “divisive”. Liberty Movement activists will point out that both sides are puppets of the same international cabal, and be labeled “traitors” again. The level of collapse, I suspect, will not be total. strikes Syria, and refuses to disengage, these things WILL happen. 1) Given that this crisis is going to be riding a wave of extremely high energy prices, every single Liberty Movement activist (and every American for that matter) should be stockpiling energy reserves. You may not be able to run your house on it, but you can at least charge important electronics, run a well pump, run some lights, a security system, etc.13) China and Russia will finally announce their decision to drop the dollar completely as the world reserve currency.A process which already began back in 2005, and which global banks have been fully aware of for years.

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