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The above person who got "scammed in Nashville" does not even seem to be talking about Wild - Wild is not in Nashville so far as I know. But like many others I almost got sucked into this scam.

Just be sure to take everything you see and hear with a grain or two of salt - even what I am telling you now - use common sense and make up your own mind about what is right for you or your child. Lustre By the way, Wild Models is registered with the State of California and is listed on the state Talent Agency License Database with current license #95094. I had my own pictures done prior to meeting with Wild Models. When they told me about the pricing for the logo, I agreed and decided to come back in a week and pay.

So what you people are trying to say is that this is fake...because they send me an e-mail telling me that they saw my photos and that they were interested in my look but i dont remember sending them any photos i just send my information...i went on and it said it was from Los Angeles but now they told me its in San Francisco. They could probably be lying and I end up going and bad things might happen... I paid 0 and then I looked the company up online after (my fault) and saw all these complaints against them and that it was a scam- so I put a stop payment on the check and then they sent me to a collection agency and now they are trying to get 2 from me and I dont have the pathetic comp cards and they never booked me a job.

I'm kind of debating if I should go to this audition to sign with this agency because of all the things I've just read. Sooooo in the end...i accept full blame for falling for this scam- but don't sign with them!!!

they told me that I had signed a contract agreeing to pay them 1K to be listed on their website .

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None of us have ever been asked for any money upfront - I myself recently signed with Wild Models and nothing has ever been said to me about "costs upfront." Keep in mind - one good job with a client like Levis or Nintendo or Vertbaudet and you do a lot better than recupe costs, you will have a wad of cash in your pocket. Still, no one is guaranteeing you will get rich, so get those stars out of your eyes!

If you were to receive an email from an agency then they have already viewed your work or you were referred by someone in the industry already; and this does not happen often unless you are an established model.

This industry is very cut throat and if you don't do your research you will get burned.

It seems as though the most disgruntled people are those not getting work. It isn't the industry's fault if you don't sell- In our case we lucked out - My daughter is tiny petite, blond - very girl next door and very sellable - She has also wanted this industry since age four - This industry is not for the weak at heart - very gruling and demanding- Count the cost and be sure and consider whether this industry is for you or not-Good Luck!

I have to admit you really need to be careful in this industry the last comment is definitely someone who is new in the industry.

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