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Or how about the man who expressed in his profile that he is specifically is looking for someone with an athletic build and a 350-pound woman shows up? According to , as of February 2016, 15 percent of all Americans reported that they have tried online dating.

Twenty-three percent of all Americans agree with the statement "people who use online dating sites are desperate" - but, in general, it is much more culturally acceptable than it was a decade ago.

I have known David since elementary school, and I can say he's no slouch, not desperate, and was NOT looking for a bride. Dawson, author of Waiting Online for Love and the online Fairy Godmother for my story, had this to say about getting married quickly after online dating: "When it works out it is usually a great love.

I lived 11 years of that marriage being a traditional wife, mother, and fitting into the cookie cutter way of traditional Arab female life.

It was rewarding in many ways, and in other ways extremely limiting and torturous.

After speaking with Lida and hearing the beauty, kindness, and love in her voice, I understood why my home boy's heart chose her. I try to advise people to stay long enough in a relationship before they commit to marriage, to see how your partner responds when something goes wrong.

I ask them to assess their communication skills and to grade themselves on how they handled the situations.

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