Patite woman for dating

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Where are the friend / dating sites for the actually PETITE? She is 4 ft 6 in and 82 LBS just in the normal range. I agree with the other writers in this group , that there is something very sexy about a petite woman.

I've always found this to be feminine and beautiful. She loves to be treated like kid so she is with the right person...

Possessing an innocent yet mischievous charm, these women are generally not only cute and girly, but also very tight, having no fat packed around their bones.

One can see and feel the beautiful muscles and feminine curves ripple and contract beneath their taut skin.

If they are desirable to me, I'm not going to fight my instincts to fit into some kind of cookie cutter set of expectations. Its just a preference, like some women have for taller guys or shorter guys. Doggy meant that my legs were nearly closed and he was nearly in the splits.

What do men really prefer when it comes to the height of a woman? Extensive research on this very topic has been conducted hundreds of times and the results always conclude that men prefer shorter women. It is common to see a towering man with a short woman.

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Sometimes, one can feel her backbones or see her belly rise up when stroking in and out.If he makes me smile when I'm with him, and I find myself sexually attracted, the externals really don't matter much at all.....they're just part of him and come with the package. You stated that your personal preference is tiny women... I have had 3 long term serious relationships and none of them were the same type of man.........limit yourself by putting them into groups?so I would suggest (and i'm going out on a limb here...) that tiny women prefer guys that are not 'big'.... Ha, ha, I just had this discussion with someone just the other day.She is short, weighs 42 kilo, and exercizes regularly to keep her abs hard and tummy taut. I'm a fairly average-sized guy, maybe 5'10" or so, but I love women to be between 5' and 5'5".I don't know why that is, I think I just find "cute" features in a girl more appealing than what most men consider attractive.

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