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Due to SCP-1847's properties, the individual will enthusiastically reciprocate SCP-1847's advances, culminating in sexual intercourse.

Upon completion of the sex act, SCP-1847 will produce SCP-1847-1 and murder the victim, always resulting through cardiac impalement.

Should SCP-1847 die, containment personnel are to monitor all outbound flights from England for a minimum of 1 month. SCP-1847 proceeded to communicate to an unknown individual through the device for 1 minute and 29 seconds.

While SCP-1847 has been thoroughly searched prior to and during containment, and all searches thus far have produced no items or accessories on its being, the entity has been documented to produce several objects on various occasions, including: The wallet and passport confirm that SCP-1847's name is "William Whitword," it is 35 years old, and originates from [REDACTED], USA.

The keys and phone have not been recovered for analysis.

SCP-1847 is mortal, though its death will not prevent further manifestations and termination is ill-advised. Adler: Were you not travelling to England to murder five women? I've never been outside of the United States before!

Should SCP-1847 die, its body will disappear, and a new manifestation will occur within 2-4 weeks, though this will occur on a public flight outbound from England.

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