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Their advanced agricultural techniques allowed their population to grow and allowed them to pursue other interest beyond basic survival.

Soon, supported by strong agricultural practices, they went on to develop the first known civilization where they flourished until approximately 2000 BC.

Other hints from Sumerian Mythology exist as well, and give more credibility to the notion that the Sumerians had an influence on the Torah.

The Sumerian god Ninti was born for the purpose of healing the rib area.

It makes since then that the gods, in the minds of the Sumerian, were often selfish beings not concerned about them at all who only wanted humans as slaves (Rosenberg, 1999).

The point here is that the Sumerian/Babylonian creation and flood myths predate the traditional Biblical view that Moses wrote the Torah. Just less than 100 years prior, the Jews had faced hundreds of years of turmoil beginning in 722 B.

The similarities between the Genesis flood and the Sumerian flood myth that evolved down through the millennia are hard to ignore and is one hint at Sumerian influence on the Torah.

The first known recorded Sumerian version of the flood myth is dated to the 18 century B. and is called the Eridu Genesis and was named for its discovery location.

The land in which they settled, although very fertile, was known for frequent floods.

From day to day they faced unexpected dangers and it was likely not uncommon for individuals to lose everything, including loved ones (Rosenberg, 1999).

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