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At Ukraine also exists such thing as a mix of both languages.Surzhyk is Russian and Ukrainian words combined in one.

So even if you are a native speaker that can be sometimes problematic to decide what you should write. The other common thing is that stress in the word usually can be in any part of the word.Please use your own discretion while surfing this website.Please Contact Us if you feel any materials are inappropriate.In the Late Cambrian-Ordovician, Gondwana-derived microcontinents such as Kokchetav, Altai-Mongolian, Tuva-Mongolian, and Barguzin, as well as the Kazakhstan-Tuva-Mongolian island arc or a system of island arcs were involved in intense accretion-collision processes in similar geodynamic settings on a vast territory of Central Asia — from West Kazakhstan to Lake Baikal.The processes were likely to be the result of a large rebuilding of the Earth’s crust possibly related to the increased mantle impact on the lithosphere as they were simultaneous to the opening of the Uralian and Mongolian-Okhotsk (Turkestan) Oceans.

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