Samantha ronson dating john mayer

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Aside from the current affair scandal, with the Beckhams‘ ex-nanny, Rebecca Loos, –which is a very appropriate name, by the way, –he’s also allegedly been banging other broads as well.

Supposedly, while David was still with Manchester United, in 1998, he started sleeping around with Emma Ryan, model for Page Three, while Victoria was five months pregnant, and they were still engaged.

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‘He didn’t throw me out afterwards, and he let me stay until he got up a bit before 8am.

Despite all the coverage, and the media hype of the stories emerging from 2004, a lot of it does sound like a few last minute attempts to make David Beckham look even worse; however, there were a few witnesses in each case.

However, Beckham has confessed to his affair with the “Loos” woman.

The other women’s accusations are “their word only” and often proved false because Beckham wasn’t in the same part of the world as they were alledged to have taken place.

The only thing there’s any proof of is that anyone can say that they did anything with anyone else–and if that person is famous it will get in the papers.

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