Scripture dating non believers

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Rather messengers of God have arisen among every nation ().And all these messengers essentially taught the same message (), although in details of outward rites (manasik) and regulations for organizing community life (shirah and minhaj) they differed (, ).This belief did not develop as a result of gradual reflection or as a result of a decision taken by the community after the Prophet.

This message calls humanity to faith in, and relationship with, the one true transcendent God.To be a Muslim has always meant to accept Muhammad as the Messenger of God which in turn has always meant accepting the Qur`an as the word of God. The Prophet Muhammad started his mission in the early 7th century moved by a conviction that he had been entrusted with an extremely important and urgent message for humankind.This conviction came upon him in a forceful way without any anticipation on his part.That is why the Qur`an calls him ramah li al-alamin (grace to all the worlds) (7).Most of humanity has always believed in some kind of supreme God and this was certainly the case during the time of the Qur`anic revelation.

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