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The big question now is whether the authorities will enforce this, as they have failed to enforce previous legislation.’Guy Anker of Money Saving said: ‘Scrapping card surcharges is good news for the millions of consumers who would otherwise have been milked by companies who whack on unexpected charges at the end of the process – something that has been happening for years.’But he warned: ‘While it will make it easier for consumers to compare prices we expect some companies will raise prices for all to compensate for the loss, which could hit those who currently pay in cash or by debit card.’The Treasury said firms caught breaking the law would be forced to reimburse customers and face fines.

The fee ban will also apply to local authorities and agencies such as the DVLA.

They may also contain an RFID tag, a transponder device and/or a microchip mostly used for business premises access control or electronic payment.

Figures from HM Revenue & Customs showed the card fees generated an estimated £473million back in 2010.

New laws were introduced in 2013 making it illegal for firms to profit from card charges.

The Entry Eeze system modernizes figure skating competitions and membership management.

We combine the flexibility of the web with the convenience of credit card payments to take much of the burden of competition management off your shoulders.

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