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Loads of bonus images - including preview shots from part 2! A massive selection of promotional images for our games and comics. You'll get sample pages from our comics along with hot promos for our sex games. A massive selection and probably the best value for money anywhere on I4S!! Soon, her super powered tiny Japanese friend Jyuna places a giggle gas mask on her fesity face,.Rani tries to resist, but soon she's giggling helplessly.A scifi friend (Mandy) uses a laughing gas mask and some erotic and sexual tickling to subdue the massive mistress!Loads of promotional images for the sexy games for couples that we make and the erotic comics we produce. Once captured, the only outcome can be a giggling orgasm. Some laughing gas helps them enjoy the experience much more. Giantess Indian beauty Rani awakes to find herself tied ankles to wrists.Weightlessness, giddiness, paralysis and helpless orgasms in this gorgeous high quality comic. Unwitting captive Rianne (our Jessica Alba lookalike) is helplessly paralysed and forced to endure the orgasmic ticking of a lifetime! Gorgeous Indian executive Shadiyah battles for her professional pride and her lesbian flower as sexy maid Mandy decides to tie her up and tickle her through helpless orgasms.A delicious set of high quality images featuring a beautiful Indian model (Rani) who has unexpectedly grown too large.

After downloading the Image Set simply unzip it with the appropriate Zip Utility program and enjoy the images.Will Shadiyah give up control of her company at the tickling whim of her house servant?Will she give in to her desires as the fierce and irresistible lesbian tickling drives her insane with lust?Jessica Alba lookalike Rianne Stars in this amazing sexy comic.Giantess Rianne (Jessica Alba lookalike) is being very naughty.

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