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Where you imply that by default, if I man is into dating single moms, there's something dishonorable about it. so they go to the single parent dating site thinking there will be single, available moms there to date. Obviously that site is set up so that non-parents can sign up, and even has filters in case you don't want those peeps, so I think this is a matter of being overly suspicious. After all, who really wants to do the Brady Bunch story in real life. If the guy has no problem with dating a single mom, I really see no issue here.

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My question had to do with why a single man with no kids would decide to seek out a single mom specifically by joining a single parents dating site. A clever man, with no children of his own, would think that a woman with children would be easier than one who has none.Some months ago I was using a dating site for single parents and was surprised by the number of men on there who are not actually single dads, or dads at all, for that matter.It made me suspicious, and I did ban non-parents from being able to contact me.In those mainstream sites, they may come across some single moms, and be all right with dating them.In a single dating site, they are going to come across single moms as a rule.

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