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If you’ve made your way to my website, it’s probably because you’re not having as much sex as you would like, or not at all.Maybe, you’ve gotten lucky a few times with a drunken hook-up here and there or you were in a long term relationship up until this point in your life and you don’t know how to “play the game”.Crowdfunding has historically not been an option for MLNP, given that other crowdfunding platforms have either operated a ‘No adult content’ clause, or been selective about the nature of sex-related ventures they are willing to support (sex toys get more of a pass than we do).We were thrilled when we heard that Karen Cahn was launching a platform specifically to support female-founded ventures, and even more thrilled when we reached out asking her about MLNP and discovered that she had been a member from the beginning, is a huge fan, and welcomed us with open arms. Since I have joined I have gotten several local responses...supposedly.


A week ago I started to receive many spam mails from Social

You’d be amazed quite how many fucks are given when it comes to sextech.’ We’ll update everyone regularly in the Update & Comments section here. We are so grateful for anything anyone might be kind enough to donate.

The box at the top of the Rewards list is for any amount – and we would love you to support us by renting a #socialsex video on MLNP for .00.

Here’s Forbes with a taster of Cindy’s advice: Lifetime Make Love Not Porn membership and martinis (or the cocktail of your choice) with Cindy (in New York) – and the conversation of your choice: your company!

Energize your industry/business with Cindy – who will come and give a customized talk to your company/organization, or a one-day customized training workshop.

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