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The Americans sought to establish the headquarters of AFRICOM as well as a headquarters for the CIA in Mali.The problem was that the Africans had a common position of refusing the establishment of new military bases.This opposition forced the US to set up the command of AFRICOM thousands of miles away, in Stuttgart, Germany.

"From the beginning of his political career as a leader, Muammar Gaddafi was opposed to a foreign military presence in Africa.One of the first things he did after coming to power in 1969 was to expel the British and US military bases in Libya itself," Maximilian Forte, the author of Slouching Towards Sirte: Nato's war on Libya and Africa explains.But in March 2011, as the Arab's Spring spread through North Africa, France and the United States decided to act."France was Africa's watchdog, defending the West in the region," says Colonisation of Algeria: the French landing in Algeria in the coastal town of Sidi Ferruch in 1830.[Liebig series: L'origine de diverses colonies/The origin of various colonies, 1922, No 1).

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