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A default value that will be used for newly opened SQL tabs can be defined in the options dialog.

columns is displayed as a single-line if the column's max. If you have data in smaller columns that contains newlines (line breaks) and you want to display directly in the result set, please adjust the limit to match your needs.

This can be changed in the options dialog, that is accessible from will display the online manual for the current DBMS (if there is one).

Where possible the link will display the manual that corresponds to the version of the current connection.

Microsoft SQL Server), one result tab will be displayed for each result returned.

If there are multiple SQL statements in the current line, the first statement will be executed.To adjust the memory available to SQL Workbench/J please refer to this chapter. You can configure the default behavior for new editor tabs in the options dialog.You can also run stored procedures that return result sets. For DBMS's that support multiple result sets from a single stored procedure (e.g.When you load the associated workspace the next time, the editor will automatically display the last statement from the history.You need to manually clear the statement history, if you want an empty editor the next time you load the workspace.

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