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Google Earth as well as any other satellite imaging is just a tool, and if used unkindly it can harm.But I think the total goal of GE is to serve people in educational purposes.If Indian government has no alternatives but to censor, let them do it.Minister of State for Home stated: “We want Google Earth censored…We have scores of sensitive and ultra-sensitive locations in Mumbai, Maharashtra and the rest of the country that can be easily viewed on Google Earth maps.” Lida Lida Lida Lida i really doubt terrorist will use google maps.if they do they can get similar maps easily.These are the triggers that are specific only to women.Following the simple step-by-step blueprint I have laid out for you, getting her back suddenly becomes the easy part of the puzzle. There is another very important "step" none of the other so called "experts" dare talk about: Keeping her (and NOT being her man-slave) once you get her back...He has saved countless marriages from disaster, dissolution -- or just plain boredom. * that men fall hopelessly in love with * with whom men want to spend all their time * whom men want to please and do anything for * who brings out the romantic and passionate side of a man; and * to whom men want to give everything? A man would gladly give anything to the woman who can make him feel good. Let me tell you a little-known secret to make him BEG you to come back - before it's too late and your opportunity is lost forever!It is actually very easy to get your ex-boyfriend to WANT YOU back after a breakup.

The reason they are so popular is simply because their methods and advice works!

Sightseeing around town at night is always popular, unless you live in Compton.

Ideas for free dates are always good, as long as they are original and interesting.

There is not point in putting censorship on google earth.

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