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In July 2015, Rodney comes back from Amsterdam with a present for Jimmy.

Official Website of multi-platinum and four-time Grammy Award-winning artist Tracy Chapman. What a great idea it would be, he surmised, to probe their orbit, their social nexus—to spend an evening mingling and observing a cast of prime guidos and guidettes totally in their element at one of their leading convergence zones. It is so exciting to find that they really love me, because I am kind of like the villain of the show, and the fact that people can see through that, and that I am really playing a role for the show, makes me feel good. So there we were on a fist-pumping Saturday night, the complex jammed, the energy level pulsing to disco music, and the 20 or so large HDTV screens all over the restaurant turned to martial-arts cage-fighting—all the better to get the testosterone levels of all the juice-heads in the crowd bubbling at full throttle. A very good friend of mine in college was a true Scorpio, and he was evil personified. I grew up in East Hanover in Jersey, and I am the eldest of three. She soon comes crawling back to the Grange until she finds a job with Jimmy and moves in with him.She and Bernice Blackstock clash, with Bernice going so far as to accuse her of stealing jewelry from her, but learn to tolerate each other.

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