Understanding women the definitive guide to meeting dating

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And don’t worry, most girls, deep down would rather have a piece of a real man than all of a weak man.When you play by the rules you’ll get the most out of your relationships, avoid drama and not do anything to embarrass yourself that you’ll regret later.Internalize that girls will have sex with you casually because they have just as strong a sex drive as men do, the world didn’t reach six billion people by accident.Having a player mindset also means not feeling guilty for having sex, you recognize sex as a value-neutral exchange, not a dirty act where you’re taking advantage of a girl.If you’re enjoying someone’s company, tell them and arrange to spend more time together.Whether you’re new to online dating or not, here are a few hints and tips to keep in mind: I’m reminded of a quote, which described dating in your 30s as ‘like watching a movie you’ve already seen a million times, memorised all the lines wishing you could just fast-forward to the good part.’ I completely understand this sentiment but, by changing your mindset and staying open to new experiences and new people, you’ll be in a better place to meet someone new.The game, just like nature, is amoral and unless you want to be celibate you have to play.

We all live busy lives and, in our 30s, we don’t have time to play games.It’s all well and good to want marriage and children, but don’t allow this to add pressure to your early dates.Nothing would be worse than scaring off a great person because you came across too intense, too soon.Now, you can concentrate on being yourself and, if the right person doesn’t come along, you know that the world isn’t going to end.Be happy in yourself alone and you’ll be all the more ready if and when the right relationship comes into your life.

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