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With event-based retention, document end of life can be also triggered on demand from the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center, providing an auditable, controlled removal of content when required for operational compliance. Share Point libraries allow rights management policies to enforce encryption and policies on downloaded content, but that encryption has been incompatible with the One Drive sync client.Now, without compromising data encryption, Share Point and One Drive will allow offline synchronization of libraries encrypted by Information Rights Management.Many retention policies are time based, such as keeping contracts for at least seven years.However, there are other occasions when documents need to be retained until an event occurs, such as the termination of a project, or the approval of a contract.proc sql; title 'Current Population Information for Continents'; create view sql.newcontinents as select continent, sum(population) as totpop format=comma15.label='Total Population', sum(area) as totarea format=comma15. label='Total Area' from sql.countries group by continent; select * from sql.newcontinents; Current Population Information for Continents Total Continent Population Total Area --------------------------------------------------------------------- 384,772 876,800 Africa 710,529,592 11,299,595 Asia 3,381,858,879 12,198,325 Australia 18,255,944 2,966,200 Central America and Caribbean 66,815,930 291,463 Europe 813,335,288 9,167,084 North America 384,801,818 8,393,092 Oceania 5,342,368 129,600 South America 317,568,801 6,885,418 In this example, each column has a name.If you are planning to use a view in a procedure that requires variable names, then you must supply column aliases that you can reference as variable names in other procedures.

By associating files with content types, you can group related files and manage them accordingly.

We look forward to seeing many of you at our session this week at Ignite – Harness collective knowledge with Share Point and One Drive content services (ECM) In addition, we are pleased to share our new white paper on content services in Office 365.

Please download “Modernizing Enterprise Content Management with Microsoft Content Services” for more information.

More ongoing resources on Office 365 content solutions are available on our Resource Center at https://aka.ms/sharepoint-contentservices.

Thank you, and please join the discussion to share your thoughts and feedback.

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