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Z's are inserted in the iban to simulate what one will see in the LIST Response if there is an error.

The important thing to note is that there will be a valid object at the root level and then information about each field that was checked and whether the validation was passed or not.

Configure your OPG Sandbox You can read more about authentication and version headers in API Access.

For your request you should get back a successful HTTP 200 response with a list of available payment methods for this transaction (attribute ).

To do this you must inject the name of the payment method into the localised form on the frontend.

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You will see a snippet of a simple HTML form without any styling. This snippet is another building block provided by OPG to generate the payment page.This information can then be used to render a meaningful error message to the user on the front end.Charge Assuming the validation passed the next step and will be able to make the CHARGE.The value in the LIST Response that illustrate this is the Registration property of the applicable network.Display Recurring charges checkboxes This uses the same approach as above, but instead use the recurrence property in the LIST Response to drive the logic.

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