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'You should know them well enough by now to know what they enjoy/don’t enjoy doing.'Think about theater tickets, a Soul Cycle class package (if he/she is into fitness of course! 'For a girl, you can never go wrong with a perfume sampler set, a cozy throw to keep her warm this winter, or a fancy coffee table book by an artist she loves.' she says.'A gift that expresses whimsy and a sense of humor appropriate and appreciated here,' Dr Hokemeyer adds.A box of Valentine's Day chocolate is totally cliché, but an adorable alien, pirate or pig filled with candy from Silly Sweeties Treat Jar will remind them of their childhood and put a smile on their face.'Its okay to splurge [on] that Micheal Kors bag she's had her eye on, providing it doesn't place you in a position of financial hardship,' he says.For women, Dr Smerling suggests that these more indulgent gifts could take the form of something like a modest piece of jewelry, a French press coffee machine, or rose gold headphones.'For the guys, Chemex coffee makers and cigar humidors are always in vogue,' she adds.Why not skip to the chase and let them know you're happy to ravish their body this V-day... If they're a comics freak and already spending nights at your place, one option to make them feel welcome is to buy these cool-looking superhero pillows and leave one at your house.If you're so not there yet, no worries — they'll love the pillows anyway.

'Surprise them with a passport holder or travel clutch, and then put the plane tickets inside,' she says.

YOU’VE ONLY BEEN dating for two weeks and Valentine’s is upon you – how to mark it appropriately? I’m the founder of a matchmaking agency, and even though we arrange up to 100 dates each week, with the majority taking place across the weekend, just like every other year we have only managed to get one couple to agree to meet on Valentine’s day this year.

The 14th of February is the proverbial dating hot potato – anyone on the cusp of a burgeoning relationship wants to avoid it lest they should seem prematurely keen by looking to mark it or insultingly aloof by refusing to mark it at all.

No one would ever accuse candy of being too serious, but the fact that you've gone that extra step shows that you put some thought into your gift — perfect for a new relationship.

There's a good chance you're still in that we-only-get-out-of-bed-to-pour-more-Champagne phase.

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