Validating fradulent documents

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If illegal aliens invent a SSN, steal or borrow an authentic card, or buy a counterfeit one, most likely the SSA will not catch it without the aid of employers. Only 6,000 employers were registered users, and of those, only 211 used EVS.But few employers seem inclined to offer that cooperation. Employers complain that the feedback is not timely, and Mr.The fact that foreign nationals are illegally appropriating the identity of citizens by fraudulently obtaining U. When an individual applies for an original SSN, they must provide acceptable documentary evidence of age, identity, and U. In a Congressional Response Report dated October 25, 2001 to the ranking minority member of the Senate Committee on Finance, Mr.Huse wrote that the SSA has taken many steps to safeguard the integrity of Social Security numbers.A US-issued driver’s license is the only identification anyone needs to board a domestic flight in America.Most states require driver’s license applicants to present documents proving their identity and their status as legal state residents. That is why hijackers were able to obtain driver’s licenses or motor vehicle ID cards from Florida, New Jersey, and Virginia.Pending new regulations to prevent similar situations in the future, California’s governor temporarily suspended the sale of such records to private companies that intend to make them accessible via the Internet. Martin drew a distinction between the reliability of state and local records.She noted that most state vital record offices utilize unique paper and markings, seals, and other features to deter alteration or counterfeiting of birth certificates.

However, that method requires a certain amount of patience and luck.

Birth certificates are one of many so-called “breeder” documents that are often used to obtain Social Security cards and driver’s licenses. Birth certificate fraud occurs in three ways: a counterfeit certificate is created, an original certificate itself is altered, or a duplicate certificate is obtained by an imposter. The majority of requests for birth certificates were by mail and most were made for administrative or legal purposes such as verifying age, citizenship, or parental relationship to obtain Social Security cards, passports, and driver's licenses.

Increasingly, illegal alien job seekers are choosing to buy counterfeit U. birth certificates or to obtain a copy of an authentic one using fraudulent means. Requests for certified copies of birth certificates are handled either in person or by mail, the latter offering more opportunity for fraud.

Additionally, the SSA has developed a way to flag suspect or known fraudulent documents on its computer system so that they will be rejected if presented again.

It also has installed sophisticated systems that can identify transactions with the greatest potential for fraud, such as sending ten or more Social Security cards to the same address within a six-month period.

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