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And I’m pretty sure that after reading this article you would be clear about DTD. DTD is text based document with extension It is used to define the structure of XML document.We can supply DTD in separate file as well as in same XML file.This is essential for testing files in isolation before doing something else with them, especially if they have been created by hand without an XML editor, or by an API which may be too deeply embedded elsewhere to allow easy testing.

Without use of validation, its quite a bit tedious to code and debug.

This means info element must have a child with name In xml document we should use doctype declaration. Parser Configuration Exception; import org.w3*; import sax.

there are two Types of DTD these are Internal or external DTD. Now in above example user cannot change anything violating the DTD rules. SAXException; public class Xml Main You may say what is advantage of using XML validation.

To specify the document structure, we have to supply a DTD or XML schema definition.

DTD or schema contains rules about how document should formed or we can say how the elements of document are organized and defined.

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