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And that is what he bases his valuation and sessions off of. We heard from others about the benefit of choosing a life coach over a MFT or a Psychologist.

Our problems were communication about here and now. Our relationship including that of our teenage children that each of us has from our previous marriages has gotten so much better.

Matthew and I knew we wanted to marry and blend our families.

When we found out we were able to have the older children live with us, we felt it would be better for our family to solidify with Marriage.

He really got to know us and you can tell that he is doing this because it's really his heart to counsel people and not a job or for money.

She is passionate about her work and goes above and beyond in helping her clients.I was really hesitant to find someone online but we are so thankful for Pastor Charlie. We didn't necessarily think we needed counseling because we thought we were really good at communication and we are both on the same page with everything about life but we really learned a lot from him and there were things that came up with family and stress of wedding planning that he really helped us get through.He is a wonderful man that has been married for many years and has a wife and children and grandchildren and also pastors a church. I think it was great for us to have someone removed from our circle of family, friends, and church, to counsel us because we could really open up and share things and discuss things with him.We called on our friend Victoria, as an ordained Minister, she understood us, and knew we were committed to each other and our family.Victoria married Matthew and I in an intimate, touching ceremony where we had our first date. Lloyd go above and beyond my expectations, she took the time to pray with my husband and I and our wedding parties.

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