What to do if your friend is dating a loser

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She thinks her friend might have suspected a lack of enthusiasm, anyway, as Wiedner wasn't going on about how much she liked the guy, which she normally would.

When to say something In Weinstein's opinion, the foremost question driving the decision to intervene is whether the jerky behavior is simply distasteful, or actually harmful — such as physical or emotional abuse, sexist or racist comments, driving drunk and making passes at other people.

Her articles on Love tie in her personal experiences while exploring the early stages of dating and the single life.

For two years, Landis Wiedner watched a girlfriend settle for what she thought was an "awful" relationship."It always seemed like she was mothering him," Wiedner, 29, recalls.

If you'd rather clip clothes pegs to your earlobes that dole out relationship advice, all is not lost.

So, if you decide to tell her your thoughts and concerns, you need to do so in a caring and compassionate way.You need to tread (very) light because the loser in question is also someone she cares about, and you have to accept that she might be defensive at first and also may choose to completely ignore your advice. And, if you still don't rate him ask pointed questions, says Relationships Australia counsellor Kylie Dunjey: "If, for example, her boyfriend is controlling, say, 'what's it like for you when you go somewhere he doesn't want to go?You also should make it clear to her that you're only saying something because you care about her, and even if she decides to stay with, and even marry, the guy then you'll support her in that too. ' By asking a question, you aren't stating a criticism, but rather encouraging awareness for your friend around the behaviour you think is a problem." She might start to see the relationship more clearly. Request to spend quality time with her one-on-one - there's no need to pretend to like him if he's simply not around.And hardest of all: how do you even tell your friend/sister/cousin she is dating the wrong guy?"I hate you boyfriend and you should dump him", would, not surprisingly, go down like a lead balloon.

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