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But despite that legal designation, there is an incredible amount of illegal fishing and pirate fishing that we stumbled upon.It’s this hopeful message: here you have these bunkers of twisted cement that are a testament to this terrible, destructive past—the worst technology humans engineer—standing next to these thriving coral reefs.But then you see illegal fishing and it’s very frustrating, to say the least.You guys have built an interesting career for yourselves—you seem to operate at the intersection of journalism and activism and advocacy. ​ASHLAN: I saw this as a way to bring people on these adventures with us.Also, I did a fun series online—The Aquatic World of Philippe Cousteau.Washington heartthrob Philippe Cousteau, 32, shocked the audience of 1,700 when he walked arm-in-arm with beauty Ashlan Gorse, 31, and a pup at the Fashion for Paws runway show.I know that not many people can go to the Marshall Islands.It is really one of the most remote places on earth.

I want to bring that to storytelling—to make saving the world sexy. PHILIPPE: I think after people watch this film, they will hopefully come away thinking that was a cool story—but also really important. Your parents spent a good deal out on the ocean filming expeditions. How do you get millennials—anyone, really—to care about the environment?

Eastern time about a mysterious school of sharks that have thrived in one of the most environmentally ravaged parts of the world—the Bikini Atolls, a part of the Marshall Islands the U. nearly obliterated in the late ‘40s and ‘50s with nuclear tests that vaporized several islands and left the archipelago severely irradiated.

caught up with Phillipe and Ashlan to talk nuclear sharks, tuna guts, and the challenge of getting millennials to care about the environment. ​ASHLAN: We went out and tagged 17 sharks and watched where they went. These quote-un-quote “non-migratory” sharks, by the textbook, were actually migrating up to 200 miles in the open Pacific, which scientists never thought they’d do. It was really fascinating to get real science out of the show— but we got some really bad news.

His grandfather, Jacques, was the leading ocean explorer for much of the 20th century, a vociferous conservationist, deep-water documentarian, and an inventor of SCUBA tech.

Philippe’s father, Philippe, Sr., was well on his way to carrying on the family legacy when he died in a seaplane accident in 1979, six months before Philippe was born.

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