Will updating itunes delete my music

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After I started my computer last night, finding that i Tunes Library content has gone. I searched in Google, finding that several people have encountered the same situation recently. To some extent, you can bring the missing i Tunes Library back.

I've been using i Tunes and a couple of Apple devices for a long time, never have encountered this kind of situation. Please help." A friend told me that his i Tunes Library is missing.

It’ll update itself if it sees any new files, but once it is uploaded, it is uploaded.

You could delete that song from the local drive, but Google Play Music will still have that track. If you want to delete anything, you will need to go manually and delete the track.

Apple's decision to remove the i OS App Store from i Tunes as part of the version 12.7 update controversially took away the ability to download apps to a Mac or PC, but all of the locally-stored apps were kept in place.

We show you how to delete these files and free up some storage in the process.

Once inside the Music folder, access the i Tunes directory, followed by i Tunes Media, and lastly Mobile Applications.

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Keep Vid Music (Mac) now only allows you to export music to i Tunes Library.The amount of space the contents of the directory takes up will depend entirely on the user's downloading habits.One Windows 10 users have to go through a similar process of finding the i Tunes directory through File Explorer.As long as the i Tunes XML file is up to date, the correct information should be imported.But sometimes our sync application isn't able to import correctly from i Tunes.

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