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And why would a woman choose the socially inept friend when an assertive one is right in front of her?

Women also have a much better insight as to what is going on inside the mind of another female.

It is one thing to talk yourself up to a chick, but it is another thing entirely when someone else does it for you.

For some reason this random girl thinks your buddy loves you much since he will praise you to no end.

Sure they may work for you most of the time, but that girl you really want to get in your bed is probably not going to fall for this.

In these types of situations, having a wingwoman comes into play.

A smart guy will send his wingwoman out in the crowd to attempt to make friends, but in actuality she is just hunting down your prey for you.

Your friend now can bring this person over to your group of friends and just introduce her in a friendly manner.

She became a common speaker at pickup artist summits and conferences after she appeared at one of David De Angelo's events in 2010.This gives the illusion that you two are just good friends. A wingwoman most likely works better as the introduction, but after that, it is up to you to woo her.If you are really worried about your target misperceiving your female friend, you can always lie and say she’s your sister. After this introduction has been made, her job is over and she needs to remove herself.This gives the guy a chance to introduce himself in the least creepy way possible.You may run the risk of these surrounding women thinking your wingwoman is in fact your girlfriend, so there are some necessary precautions to take.

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