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So shemale cams are transgenders masturbating and going nude live on their webcam.

The trannies or tranny words are generic terms for transgenders.

The City agreed to help her financially in anything she might need because everyone there believes she is possessed. I often wonder about the difference, if there is one, between 'demons' and 'aliens', and where the lines are truly drawn, if at all, between the paranormal and science. it would be too much to translate every word of the video... However if she is acting out, she needs to be taken to the proper hospital to be treated........

Video: I wonder if one or more of the languages she was uttering were ancient? If any of those languages WERE confirmed to be say, Aramaic or Latin or any other language she doesnt know, then perhaps one might have a case............ its clearly obvious she doesn't know how to discipline her child, and she naturally assumes she is possessed.

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Most of them don't want any surgery done but rather have fun as crossdressers (sometimes called sissies).

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A paranormal psychiatrist said she was in fact possessed... freaky..the risk of sounding racist, they should get her checked out somewhere with better tech and scientists like the USA.Private shows are not free, but you can buy tokens (with credit cards or debit cards and paypal).Just give it a shot and you will be stunned how intense these private webcam sex shows really are.She also says that the only thing they want is for her daughter to be normal. EDIT: We could divide it into 2 parts, or 3 if more people are involved, each typing the exact translation? naa shed be an illegal immigrant, she wouldnt have to pay jack, we would pick up the tab....... I dont really consider those "other languages" you can see the same thing here in a pentacostal church..called speaking in tounges........The Pastor said things were bad, that during her "Cleaning session" (or half exorcism), the devil even made the girl float in the air, while the cops sustained her. Most people recognize its just a release of pent up emotions......possession........

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